HISTORY: Founded in 2011 by electrical engineer, Marco Valle, Pro Solar Engineering set out to provide Belize with a reliable renewable energy supply. Since then, we have grown into a thriving firm, making a name for ourselves in a business that is rapidly growing in this small Central American nation.


VISION: Pro Solar Engineering, as a pioneer of renewable energy in Belize, strives to expedite the development of a self-sufficient and energy-independent Belize.


MISSION: Pro Solar Engineering is a firm constituted of a group of nature-loving professionals who aim to promote socioeconomic development in Belize, by means of supplying dependable and cost-effective green power systems.


KEY CHARACTERISTIC: We don’t simply retail products but we sell renewable energy turnkey solutions; a concept that might appear a bit more difficult than just selling a solar panel or battery. These turnkey solutions involve evaluating our clients’ energy needs and subsequently designing, installing, and maintaining renewable energy systems that meet their needs specifically.

The ‘Turnkey-Solutions’ concept is much more rewarding when you understand the capabilities of your product and personnel. For this very reason Pro Solar only partners with well-known manufacturers who can guarantee their product because they believe in its manufacturing process. We don’t just deliver with a smile, we deliver with a guarantee.


Though the firm is in its infancy; our technicians have decades of experience in system installation and engineering design. These certified engineers and technicians bring to the table an understanding of your investment and what is necessary to have your state-of-the-art system functioning to its fullest capacity. For example, our commercial system provides business owners with the unique opportunity to:

  • Lock-in cost of electricity today
  • Harness renewable energy
  • Ensure uninterrupted power for decades
  • Provide clean backup-power for critical locations
  • Be part of the world-wide Green community

Business Hours

Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm

Saturdays 8am - 11am

Sundays CLOSED

Our Location


Pro Solar Engineering
1520 Hummingbird Hwy
(Inside Global Steel Building)
Belmopan City, Cayo
BELIZE, Central America