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Fact about Pro Solar:

Pro Solar is not simply a renewable energy retail company, but we offer several services to achieve your renewable energy needs.

If you're looking into going solar -- and you want some real numbers -- start with a 7-minute phone call or live chat with one of our SunPower representatives. See how much electricity you use, costs and potential savings.

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Technical Site Assessments

In order to provide our clients with the proper information about the renewable energy system which will best meet their needs, the preliminary requirement is to know their energy consumption. There are four ways in which the client can provide us with this information; he can submit an electrical plan (if the building is not yet constructed), provide us with an electric utility bill, fill out an energy sizer sheet which we provide, or have our engineer go to their location and execute a technical analysis (please contact the Pro Solar office for pricing information). This analysis involves a careful assessment of the physical layout of the site and the current or potential energy consumption of the client. The cost of this service will be waived upon the client’s confirmation of the project.