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Fact about Pro Solar:

Pro Solar is not simply a renewable energy retail company, but we offer several services to achieve your renewable energy needs.

If you're looking into going solar -- and you want some real numbers -- start with a 7-minute phone call or live chat with one of our SunPower representatives. See how much electricity you use, costs and potential savings.

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Solar Water Heater Sale & Installation

Solar water heaters are ideal for any household or commercial building whether off-grid or connected to the grid. Because of our steadfast goal to be cost-effective and efficient in the renewable energy sector, we provide solar water heating systems which primarily do not depend on any other source of electricity to heat water. Because of their independence of an external grid, they tremendously reduce electricity bills for those clients that are connected to the grid and provide a way for those clients who are off the grid to still have hot water. Pro Solar has a crew that specializes in the safe and effective installation of these heaters, at in-district, out-district, and marine locations.