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Fact about Pro Solar:

Pro Solar is not simply a renewable energy retail company, but we offer several services to achieve your renewable energy needs.

If you're looking into going solar -- and you want some real numbers -- start with a 7-minute phone call or live chat with one of our SunPower representatives. See how much electricity you use, costs and potential savings.

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Prosolar Engineering - Belize Renewable Energy
1. Energy Consumption

Choose your appliances, and fill how much time they stay turned on daily.

Appliances used
Appliance Quantity Watts Hours of Use Watt Hours per Day

Total KWH / day:

KWH Required Assuming Inherent Efficiency Loss:

2. Desired Energy Offset

Choose how much of your Total KWH you would like to produce from your renewable energy system.

3. Solar Peak Hours

According to your location, how many solar peak hours are there?

Use 5 for Belize, as per “Global Solar Irradiance Map”

Sun Hours/Day
4. Calculate

Calculate the minimum system size you should get, or reset the form to start again.

Minimum System Size:
5. System Design

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