Looking to achieve “Power Independence”? Well, here is something you should consider. Can you hear it in the wind?

‘Wind Power’ is not new to you and me; but even with the knowledge that technology like this exist, would any of us consider making it our own? In addition to solar power, wind power is ever growing popular. And the powerful underdog in the wind turbine world is the Darrieus Wind Turbine/VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine).
VAWTs are arranged with the main rotor shaft arranged vertically. Unlike its sister turbine, the Conventional/Horizontal Axis Wind turbine (HAWT), whose rotor shaft is arranged horizontally pointing to the wind. The key advantage of the VAWT turbine arrangement is that the turbine does not need to be pointing into the wind to be effective; as opposed to the HAWT where the efficiency is decreased with downwind. VAWTs in its technology make up are ideal on sites where the wind direction is highly unpredictable as it can utilize winds from varied directions.

Pro Solar carries the Aeolos Darrieus Wind Turbines, which can produce up to 3000W at a rated wind speed of 22.3mph with little to no sound….Talk about impressive…

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