Military Grade Renewable Energy System by Pro Solar Engineering

Military Grade Renewable Energy System by Pro Solar Engineering

When a division of the US Army calls you up and says, “I want a robust green power system”, that’s a good thing; when you complete the system and it works beyond expectation, that’s a better thing.

This coast-guard station in the Turneffe Atoll has a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Ocean, smack up against the reef at about 30 nautical miles into the sea, this system has military grade written all over it, with a 6KW solar array and two vertical Darrius 5KW wind turbines as supplement green energy collectors, that’s just the beginning, with quadruple pure sinewave inverter and 20KW chargers, this system has more than redundancy.

Most off-grid systems regardless of size are a challenge, but military grade ones are always a real learning experience. By far the most challenging task here was the wind turbine assembly and erecting of the towers, as these are two piece 40ft monopole units, which can better be explained by reviewing the images above.

These 5KW vertical shaft wind turbines are the largest Darrius wind turbines installed in Belize and we’re presently in the process of collecting data with regards to their performance in our wind speed, which we hope to make public once collected and evaluated.

System components include:
PV Array = 6KW polycrystalline
Wind = 5KW dual Darrius
Charge controllers = MidNite Solar Classic-200
Inverter/chargers = 20KW SMA Sunny Island-5048
Storage = Rolls Surrett 100KWH

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